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Available Photography
All Photographs are printed on Kodak Paper,there may be exceptions with prints on Fuji Paper and Custom
Printing is also available upon request.

  • Hand Signed Original Photographs with Registered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Hand signed and Numbered Limited Addition Photographs
  • Open Addition Photographic Art Prints
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Boulders and Rocks
Desert Land Scapes
Dry and Sandy Places
Desert Floral
Rivers and Streams
Sun Rise,Sun Set
Mountain Views
Contemporary Pieces
B/W Contemporary Pieces
By Photographer - Larry Rogosch
"The seeking never stops, but my journey of images touches both the simple and sublime in places that I visit. People and
events become my vision and guide, allowing my photographs to evoke the emotional and spiritual interactions with the
moment at hand. Most of my photography focuses on landscapes where objects appear as compositional elements. I favor this
type of photography not because I consider it to be better or more important than other types, but because I find it to be more
personally satisfying. The main reason for this, I am sure, is that I enjoy visiting places where the landscape is inherently
interesting. The urge to photograph then follows naturally".