Wood or Metal
The type of artwork to be framed, the room where it will hang and your own
personal preferences will determine the answer to this question.

There are, though, some basic differences between wood and metal frames.

Within the framing industry, wood is the preferred frame material. There is a
much wider selection of colors and styles from which to choose. Wood frames
also afford more protection for your artwork. Their sturdy construction and the
ability of the framer to properly close the back of the frame prevent
environmental and insect damage from occurring.

Metal frames have a modern, sleek type of styling. Available in many colors and
styles, they, for the most part, afford a minimalist type of framing. New trends in
metal mouldings, such as the Nielsen Elements® line, blend modern technology
with a design flair not seen in metal mouldings for many years.

Whether you choose wood or metal, what is ultimately important is that the
frame meets your design requirements.