Number of Mats
Most artwork is a collection of many colors, and we use the colors in your art as
a guide.

We may begin by showing you a selection of three mats; a top mat and two inner
mats. The colors of the inner mats are generally taken from the third or fourth
most predominant colors within the art. This allows these background colors to
show through and not become overwhelmed by the more predominant colors in
the piece.

By selecting mat colors in this fashion, we can allow the viewer to see the full
scope of the artwork. The top mat is generally a color that harmonizes with the
entire piece. It is preferred to have top mats that are lighter tones rather than
darker ones. Lighter tones will tend to “open up” the piece while darker tones
will tend to constrict the piece making it appear smaller.

There are times when the use of three mats is not warranted. Some examples of
this would be black and white photography and prints, and sepia tone and
monotone artwork. In these cases, there are limited color choices for the inner
mats and we would generally show you a top mat and single inner mat. In the
end, the choice of the number of mats is yours to make.