Types of Glazing
Our preferred supplier for glazing products is Tru Vue®. They are the industry
leader when it comes to quality and technical advancements. They provide us
with four types of glass and acrylic.

The glass selections include Premium Clear which is regular, clear glass;
Conservation Clear® with TruGuard® Protection, which blocks 98% of harmful
Ultra Violet (UV) light rays, Reflection Control®, which is single sided etched non-
glare glass; and Tru Vue AR Reflection-Free™, which is a new technology that
virtually eliminates glare, and Museum glass that eliminates all reflected light
so your art looks like it is touchable.

Acrylic is available from Tru Vue under the trade names ACRYLITE® and
Optium™. ACRYLITE ® comes in Premium Clear, regular, clear acrylic,
Conservation Clear® ACRYLITE® with 98% UV protection, Reflection Control®,
which minimizes reflection and Optium™ Acrylic which has the anti-reflection
technology. Our store displays framed art using these various types of glazing,
and we also have samples which we can use to show you how the various types
of glazing will work with your art.

ACRYLITE® is a registered trademark of CYRO Industries, Rockaway, New
Jersey, USA. Tru Vue and Reflection Control are registered trademarks and Tru
Vue AR Reflection-Free and Optium are trademarks of Tru Vue, Inc., McCook,