Protecting your Art
Ultraviolet light is one of the greatest sources of damage to artwork.

The natural ultraviolet protection afforded by regular glass types, can only
shield your artwork from some of the damaging effects of ultraviolet.
Unfortunately, the upper end of the ultraviolet spectrum of light is the most
hazardous to your art.

To aid in the protection of your art, Tru Vue® has created a full line of UV
reflective glazings. A thin film is placed over the surface of the glazing
affording you up to 97% protection from harmful UV rays. The new
conservation series of glass products include Conservation Clear®,
Conservation Reflection Control® and Museum Glass®, the highest quality
glass available.

From the Acrylite® acrylic line, your conservation series includes Conservation
Clear®, Conservation Reflection Control®, Conservation Clear Scratch
Resistance® and Optimum Museum®.

Select a conservation series glazing for your art and avoid hanging it in direct
sunlight or under any other ultraviolet source, and you can be sure that your
framed piece will last for years to come.