Designing Your Art Piece
At Artistic Framing we are trained in the latest custom framing technology
including all the essential techniques of color and design.

With thousands of choices in frames, mats and glazing, our design consultants
will make sure your frame design is perfect for your art and the decor in your
home or office. Every framing decision begins with your personal tastes, your
style, your likes and dislikes and of course, where the piece is going to hang.

Only after our design consultants know what your requirements are, will they
show you the selection of mats and frames that best enhance your art and your
decor to provide an irresistible focal point in your room. Depending on the
piece, they might suggest using a number of mats to enhance the artwork for a
more dramatic look.

Even the choice of frame, from ornate classic and traditional looks to sleek and
simple modern styles will be tailored to fit your art, your taste and your room.
Finally they will help you choose the perfect glass or acrylic glazing to protect
and display your piece. We use only the highest quality glazing products

With our exclusive training and techniques, the frame you select will be one
you’ll love – Guaranteed.