Preservation Framing
Preservation framing (or conservation framing) is the method where we
envelope your artwork in a completely acid free environment.

We use the highest quality mats, mounting boards and framing techniques to
shield your valuable and sentimental artwork from the effects of acid
degradation and harmful UV light.

Our preservation framing allows you to remove the artwork from the frame at a
later date, unharmed and unaltered. This will preserve the value of your
artwork for years to come.

In addition to preservation framing, we offer museum framing, which is the
highest form of protective framing available.

Artistic Framing design consultant will help you decide which method is
right for your artwork. Our preservation and museum standards are very high
and have been independently scrutinized by industry experts for content, use
of materials and framing techniques. With our preservation and museum
framing we also offer free inspections every three years. With your valuable
and sentimental artwork, you can be sure it will be properly framed at