Mounting Technique's
Mounting is the method used to hold your piece of art in place within the frame.

In general there are three categories of mounting. The first method is permanent
mounting. This method is not reversible and should be used only on artwork of
little value such as open edition prints and posters. It should be noted that
permanently mounting a piece of art will jeopardize the value of the artwork,
either current or future.

The second method is semi-permanent. In this method, the artwork can be
removed at a later date through the use of heat. While it is not a recommended
method of mounting expensive artwork, it can be used on moderately priced
open, original and limited edition prints. The primary purpose of permanent and
semi-permanent mounting in is to flatten the artwork, removing small wrinkles
and creases.

The final type of mounting is hinging. In this method, the artwork is attached to
either a backing board or mat using small pieces of tape or other hinging
material. The hinges should be made from either an acid-free self adhesive, water-
activated tape or Japanese paper using wheat or rice starch adhesive. By using a
hinging method, the artwork will be less likely to “cockle,” or ripple, with
changes in the humidity.