Larry Rogosch grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada.  During his early years he was introduced to the majesty and wonderment of nature.  “I was never really alone but surrounded by a unique beauty, which encompassed everything and everywhere I looked.” he comments.  

After developing an interest in photography, Larry began to travel and work for a national telecommunications corporation.  During this time Rogosch decided to apply the photographic skills he had been fine tuning and entered a calendar photo competition.  He was selected out of a large number of entries to have his photographs reproduced in calendars published by Sprint Communications.

In 1985 Rogosch turned professional and became the photographer for All Star Modeling agency in Houston, Texas.  In 1988 he left and turned to other career opportunities but continued his professional photography career as a freelance commercial and wedding photographer.

During the last number of years, Rogosch has been photographing Arizona, California, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada.  His images include a collection of color and black and white, which range from contemporary themes to traditional landscapes.

Artistic Framing – Owner & Photographer: Larry Rogosch

IFPO – International Freelance Photographers Organization Charter Member – 1984  Member# 10029    Web – http://
Diploma – 2004, “A Lifetime Distinction of Honour for Photographic Achievement”

Artist Statement – The seeking never stops, but my journey of images touches both the simple and sublime in places that I visit. People and events become my vision and guide, allowing my photographs to evoke the emotional and spiritual interactions with the moment at hand. Most of my photography focuses on landscapes where objects appear as compositional elements. I favor this type of photography not because I consider it to be better or more important than other types, but because I find it to be more personally satisfying. The main reason for this, I am sure, is that I enjoy visiting places where the landscape is inherently interesting. The urge to photograph then follows naturally.